Why play Poker Satellites? How to Succeed

Satellites may not be as exciting as other tournaments for recreational or professional poker players. However, if used correctly, this format can offer a great deal of value.
This article will explain why you should consider satellite tournaments, and what strategy you can use to achieve the best results. Let’s get started:
Satellite Tournaments Offer Many Benefits
There are many satellites available to both live and online events at most of the top online poker sites . The only question now is whether you should participate. Satellite tournaments can be a good option for you depending on your experience and bankroll. Let’s look at the benefits.
This tournament format is great for players who want to build their bankroll while still having the chance to participate in larger buy-in events. Satellites give them the chance to enter a larger tournament without having to risk a large portion of their account.
You should also try satellites, as most players have no experience with this format. If you spend enough time learning the correct strategy, you will be able to easily beat your competitors.
Third, the strategy is simpler for satellite tournaments than for other tournament formats. You will be able to master it more easily.
Finaly, because you have a considerable skill advantage, your variance in satellite tourneys will be lower, as players will only need to earn money in order to receive the prize in the form a ticket.
Satellite Tournament Strategy
As with any MTT format, you should adjust your game to the stage in which the tournament is being played. There are three stages to the tournament:
• Early stage
• The middle stage
• The late stage
Take a look at each step in detail:
Satellite Tournaments: Early-Stage Strategy
You should approach the early stages of satellites tournaments the same way you would if playing another tournament format. This means that your primary goal is to build up a stack, and to avoid playing marginal cards.
Early satellite tournaments are usually populated by a large number of weaker players. You should play against them but not so much that you get into a 3-betting battle with the other players.
Wait for good starting hand combinations. You will often find that weaker players will give you their chips by playing mediocre hands.
Satellite Tournaments: Strategy for the Middle Stages
In some cases the middle and late stages of a satellite can overlap depending on the size of the field.
The middle stage of larger tournaments is usually recognizable. It can be hard to tell the difference between the late and middle stages of smaller events.
The most important thing to do in the middle phase is to determine how close you are from the bubble, and how many chips it will take to reach the money.
You can play sub-optimally if you make the wrong assumption. It could be that you are trying to win pots when it is not necessary, or playing tight when the pots are at stake. These are some of the most common satellite mistakes.
If you’re new to the format, the best thing to do is see how many people remain in the tournament and what their average stack is. This will help you determine the number of chips needed to get your ticket and survive.
Satellite Tournaments: Strategy for the Middle Stages
You will need to adjust your tournament strategy to the late stages of satellites. There are no pay-outs at this stage, so you can either win or you lose.
In regular tournaments the prize for making the money is typically 2x your buy-in. In satellite tournaments the prize for winning is usually 10x your buy-in. Each mistake is therefore much more expensive.
It is important to know how far you are from the money and how many players have smaller stacks.
You can play passively in satellite tournaments if, for example, you have the largest stack at the end of the tournament. 모바일홀덤 isn’t as important as maintaining your stack.
If you have a small stack, it is important to get some chips. However, you should try to push into players who are similar to you. They are less likely to call, and you can win more chips without having to go to the showdown.
Now go play satellites to get your big ticket!

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